Finnish Railway Network Statement 2019

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The Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) publishes the Finnish Railway Network Statement (hereinafter the Network Statement) for the timetable period 2019. This is the sixteenth Network Statement prepared in Finland, in accordance with the Finnish Railway Act. The Network Statement describes the access conditions, the state-owned railway network, the rail capacity allocation process, the services supplied to railway undertakings and the principles for determining the infrastructure charge. The Network Statement is published for applicants requesting capacity for each timetable period. The present Network Statement is intended for the timetable period, 9 December 2018 – 14 December 2019.

The Network Statement 2019 has been prepared based on the previous Network Statement taking into account the feedback received from users and the Network Statements of other European Infrastructure Managers. The Network Statement 2019 is now only published as an internet publication. The Finnish Transport Agency will update the Network Statement and will provide information about it to rail capacity allocatees and applicants for rail capacity in the Finnish railway network. RINF data and the Finnish Transport Agency's register information have been used to create a map service including information about the characteristic features of the Finnish railway network.

The structure of the Network Statement follows the common European structure and comprises the following chapters:

1. General
2. Access conditions
3. Railway network
4. Capacity allocation
5. Services supplied to railway undertakings
6. Infrastructure charge

Within the Finnish Transport Agency, the Network Statement is the responsibility of the Traffic Services Department. Several specialists inside and outside the Finnish Transport Agency have been involved in the preparation of the Network Statement.

Helsinki, 9 December 2017

Finnish Transport Agency
Traffic and Information Division, Traffic Services Department