The Act on Transport Services enables flexible travel chains

The Act on Transport Services will establish the preconditions for the digitalisation of transport and enable a comprehensive overview of the transport system. The intention is to link different transport services, such as taxis and train journeys, into travel chains. At the same time, the Act will facilitate market entry for new companies and alleviate the regulations in the transport sector. The Act on Transport Services will gradually enter into force in three stages. The first regulations will enter into force on 1 January 2018.  Information on the progress of the legislative project will be provided on the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Changed obligations of transport service providers and authorities

Smooth intermodal travel chains can only be achieved through interoperable transport service data, such as route, stop and schedule data, and payment systems. To achieve interoperability, the Act on Transport Services sets obligations for service providers to open their relevant data on mobility services via an open interface. Other mobility service providers and combination services also have to be given access to the interfaces for ticket and payment systems. Better utilisation of shared data and data reserves creates opportunities for new business ideas.
When the first stage of the Act on Transport Services enters into force on 1 July 2018, the Finnish Transport Agency’s most important tasks will be to:  
•    provide an interface catalogue and a digitalisation tool for opening relevant data (already from 1 January 2018),
•    monitor the supply and demand of mobility services, and
•    coordinate the development of mobility services.

The Finnish Transport Agency also contributes to the work with the rest of the administrative sector of the Ministry of Transport and Communications to promote interoperable ticket and payment systems. Read more about this project on the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s website.
The Act on Transport Services will affect licensing. The licensing and supervisory authority, as laid down in the Act on Transport Services, is the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. More information on licensing can be found on the Finnish Transport Safety Agency’s website.

Other websites
•    Act on Transport Services website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications
•    Act on Transport Services (320/2017) (in Finnish)
•    Government Decree on relevant data concerning mobility services, approval decision (in Finnish)
•    Licenses granted by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency


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