Public transport information services

The nationwide collection of information on routes, stops and timetables for passenger transport will change under the Act on Transport Services. The Finnish Transport Agency has maintained a collection database that includes public transport routes, stops and timetables in accordance with the previous Public Transport Act. Public transport organisers have been legally obliged to submit their information to the collection database.

The national journey planner will be provided by the Finnish Transport Agency until at least 31 December 2018

The Finnish Transport Agency has used the collection database and the Digitransit platform, on which the collection database is operated, for the national journey planner maintained on the website, The Finnish Transport Agency has also shared information as open data for the use of other actors. The transport administration’s current goal is to give market-based actors room to develop services aimed at passengers, such as journey planners and MaaS services.

During the transition period, will ensure the provision of journey planner services for transport procured by the authorities, particularly in the rural areas, until at least the end of 2018. However, from 1th of July 2018, clients will be requested to check the services supplied by market-based bus companies directly via the transport operator or other journey planner services, since this information will no longer be available at The reason behind this change is the above-mentioned situation and the fact that the procedure regarding permits for scheduled services will be abandoned in connection with the legislative reform. More information about the coverage of the current journey planner can be found here (in Finnish).

Under the Act on Transport Services, mobility service providers shall share their information on routes and timetables via open interfaces to be accessed directly by other actors and service developers.

  • The information about interfaces shall be shared via the NAP service ( NAP is not a collection database, but an interface catalogue. Read more about the NAP service here.

In the future, the Finnish Transport Agency's task will be to maintain the NAP service, to monitor the supply and demand of passenger transport for statistics and reporting purposes, and to coordinate the development of mobility services. The Finnish Transport Agency will no longer be legally obliged to maintain an actual collection database, and will therefore no longer fulfil the preconditions for maintaining a national journey planner.

The Finnish Transport Agency will cooperate to continue the Digitransit service at least until the end of 2020

Digitransit is a product based on open-source code, which provides a platform for developing national journey planners. Digitransit ( is a service co-funded by the municipal federation of HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport), the Finnish Transport Agency and TVV LMJ Oy (Waltti-cities). Both the financiers themselves and external service developers use Digitransit.

The Finnish Transport Agency submits certain information on routes and timetables to the Digitransit service during the transition period, and will do so at least until the end of 2020. This means that transport contracted by the cities and the ELY Centres, as well as transport digitalised using the RAE tool, will still be saved in the collection database and forwarded to Digitransit and, unless this information has been transmitted to Digitransit from other sources. The information submitted by VR and Finavia will be saved in the collection database until further notice. These measures will maintain the passenger knowledge base for the transport described above during the reform, and enable service developers to create journey planner services for end users even outside urban regions.

If mobility service providers so wish, they may cooperate to ensure that Digitransit will continue to include comprehensive and collected mobility data via open interfaces, for journey planners, among other things. Several cities are already included in the Digitransit service through the coordination of TVV LMJ Oy.

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for passenger information at railway stations. The Finnish Transport Agency will continue to use Digitransit for information about train services and for the nationwide promotion of cycling. Digitransit will possibly have a more extensive role in fulfilling the obligations concerning EU-wide multimodal travel information services under the EU’s ITS Directive.

The Finnish Transport Agency encourages development of passenger information services

The Finnish Transport Agency is informing the necessary actors about the and Digitransit services, so that they can adapt their operations to the services provided by the agency and promote the implementation of the Act on Transport Services on their part. The agency aims to promote more market-oriented ways of implementing both the work with the collection database (data collection, coordination and quality assurance) and the national journey planner service in the future.

Discussions about a possible future operating model and the division of tasks in 2018 are underway with market-based operators and service providers.

The Finnish Transport Agency collects information about supply and demand of passenger transport as well as information about changes in regular transport services

In the future, the Finnish Transport Agency will collect information about the supply and demand of passenger transport for statistics and research purposes. The Finnish Transport Agency will also collect information about changes in scheduled public transport for other authorities, unless this information is available via other interfaces.

  • The competent authorities need to collect information about changes in regular transport services for the planning of transport services.
  • The collection of information about changes and the market situation also supports the drafting for the regional government reform.


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