Mobility as a service

The aim of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is to develop transport services into being as smooth and accessible as possible through mobility servitisation.


Simply explained, when mobility is offered as a service, passengers get the transport services that they need, travelling doorstep to doorstep, with only one ticket and fare. In servitised transport, the modes of transport interoperate seamlessly and travel plans can be changed even during the trip, as all information travels flexibly and intermodally with passengers and goods.

Finland is a pioneer in mobility servitisation and strongly contributes to promoting the MaaS concept in Europe and around the world. In mobility servitisation, the authorities play the enabling role. Various policies and regulations form the foundation for the environment and atmosphere in which future services are produced.

The Finnish Transport Agency’s task is to support the creation of a Finnish environment where it is possible to develop and launch safe, functional and profitable transport services.  In practice, this includes participating in the drafting of national policies and strategies, investing in infrastructure, opening the Finnish Transport Agency’s data to service developers and offering expert advice on mobility services in development projects. The development and production of the actual mobility services are ultimately both company-driven and market-driven.

Page updated 30.11.2017