Finnish Railway Statistics


The Finnish Railway Statistics is the basic statistic of the Finnish railways. The Finnish Railway Statistics describes the state of the rail network with time series by line section. The data includes information on the tracks, rolling stock, rail traffic, passenger services, freight traffic, financing and accidents. The data covers the entire Finnish rail transport system. The statistic serves the entire rail sector by producing statistical information for planning, follow-up, monitoring and decision making. The Finnish Railway Statistics is published only in Finnish since 2013.

Finnish Railway Statistics 2012
Finnish Railway Statistics 2011
Finnish Railway Statistics 2010

Railway passenger and freight transport

The volume of railway passenger transport, freight transport tonnes and the total rail transport in gross tonnes presented by line section. The total volumes of passenger and freight transport are shown as long-term time series.

Passenger journeys on railway network 2016 (map)

Rail passenger traffic 1990-2014 (table)

Rail freight transport 1990-2014 (table)

Freight traffic on railway network 2014 (map)

Gross tons carried on the different sections of line 2014 (map)

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