The new lorry parking area and heavy traffic routes

The new lorry park, which is the waiting area for heavy traffic and the associated routes were opened for traffic in January of 2017 in Vaalimaa (Torfyanovka on the Russian side of the border). Vaalimaa is the busiest border crossing point for passenger traffic between Finland and Russia.

The new lorry parking area offers 410 parking spaces when entering Russia and 51 when entering Finland. The area includes toilet and shower facilities for the drivers. The use of the new lorry parking area is also totally free of charge.

The current lorry parking space capacity is 160 and 51 of these will be allotted for lorry traffic from Russia into Finland. The remaining spaces of the parking area are reserved for passenger traffic travelling to Russia.

Lorries can now wait on the new parking area instead of forming queues along the road. The queues of lorries waiting to cross the border have been extremely long in recent years, up to 65 km from the border. Even though cross-border traffic is currently not as busy as in the past, the volume of lorry traffic is expected to increase. 


Page updated 23.02.2017