Vision, strategy and values

The mission of the Finnish Transport Agency is to enable smooth, efficient and safe travel and transport as laid down in the mission statement. The agency's strategy is based on the mission statement.


Our strategy incorporates our common vision for the future as well as the goals we must achieve in order to shape the future we strive for. The strategy acts as a management tool, steering our long-term activities and providing guidelines for systematic development.

The Finnish Transport Agency's strategy aims at reaching the target state described in the 2025 vision "Smart routes and intelligent traffic - for you". There are several strategic goals that, when met, point our operations and decision-making in the right direction, towards the target state.

The Finnish Transport Agency's strategic goals:

  • Renewed ecosystem for mobility and transport
  • Reliable digital services and greater operational efficiency
  • Services based on a well-functioning and safe infrastructure
  • Skilled professionals and an innovative organisational culture

Startegic goals with descriptions

Smart routes and intelligent traffic - for you


Our values reflect the guiding principles of our organisation. They form the basis for our operations and guide our decision-making. 

The values of the Finnish Transport Agency:

Boldly professional

  • We approach new alternatives and ideas with an open mind.
  • We can learn from a trial-and-error approach.
  • We operate in an open and transparent way.
  • Our operations are based on trust in expertise.

Achieving results together

  • Common goals are reached through our combined efforts.
  • We achieve results by working together within our network.
  •  Our actions are effective and productive.

For the common good

  • We act in a responsible way for the benefit of future generations.
  • We know the needs of our customers.
  • Our present operations are guided by our vision for the future of transport.
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