The organisation of the Finnish Transport Agency is composed of four divisions, as well as one functional area Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, which report directly to the Director General. The divisions are: Operations Management, Planning and Projects, Infrastructure Management and Traffic and Information. The divisions are organised into departments and units.

The Operations Management Division is responsible for managing the operations and promoting the corporate practices of the Finnish Transport Agency. This division provides services to all agency employees and to some extent to the employees at the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres). The task of the division is to support the core operations with questions regarding financial and legal issues as well as HR administration, and to coordinate the agency's security and preparedness issues.

The Planning and Projects Division is responsible for effective and high-quality implementation of large investment projects in the transport network and for the development of a number of implementation models and quality assurance methods.

The Infrastructure Management Division is responsible for maintaining transport infrastructure, performing its duties as the public authority and for steering the area of responsibility Transport and Infrastructure under the ELY Centres. The Finnish Transport Agency determines the level of service on the basis of needs and resources. The Infrastructure Management Division is in charge of matters concerning transport technology, infrastructure management property and materials management.

The Traffic and Information Division is responsible at all times for traffic services and the operative traffic control in all modes of transport. It is also responsible for managing and developing the FTA’s information services, data resources and data administration. The Traffic and Information Division offers nationwide expert advice on the licensing and procurement of public transport services and on the allocation of state funds for public transport.



Management team


  Kari Wihlman, Director General


Mirja Noukka, Division Director, Planning and Projects


 Jukka KarjalainenDivision Director, Infrastructure Management


 Anna Jokela, Director of Communications and Stakeholder Relations


 Jarmo Joutsensaari, Director of Regional Steering

Laura Kuistio, Director of Legal Services and Procurement


 Raimo Tapio, Director of Development





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