Guided by the Ministry of Transport and Communications

Matters requiring the attention of the Ministry of Transport and Communications are prepared jointly with the FTA and the Ministry. The steering committee of the Ministry’s administrative branch handles operational and financial planning, strategic questions and legislative drafting, coordinates the operations of the government agencies and public bodies, and deals with employer policies, management and other issues concerning the whole administrative branch. The steering committee for the management of the Finnish Transport Agency (LYHTY) handles issues not related to strategy.

Management of the ELY Centres

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the transport sector management of the area of responsibility Transport and Infrastructure under the ELY Centres and for the coordination of road management.

Internal control and management at the Finnish Transport Agency

The Finnish Transport Agency is managed by the Director General, aided by the steering committee and other experts. Each division is responsible for the effectiveness and development of its own activities. The leaders of parallel processes throughout the organisation are responsible for the effectiveness, performance and continuity of their operations.

Performance management and authority have been delegated as close to the preparatory level as possible.  The operations are open and interactive. In the control, management and performance of the operations, the mutually supported ethical principles and values of the FTA are put into practice.

Steering Committees

The tasks of the steering committee of the Finnish Transport Agency include the development of the Finnish transport system, matters concerning transport strategy and the management of the ELY Centres, and in addition, preparation and implementation of other matters relevant from the Agency's point of view.  

The steering committee is chaired by the Director General and also includes the directors of each division, the Director of Strategy and the Director of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility.

An extended version of the steering committee, which includes the directors of the departments, leading experts and other members as required, meets at least twice a year.

Each division has its own steering committee, which deals with that division’s most important concerns.
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