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11.1.2018 at 14.37

Showcase: International audience follows testing of automated vehicles on the snow-covered intelligent road Aurora

In the Arctic Challenge research project, initiated by the Finnish Transport Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Finnish companies attempt to solve the problems of automated road traffic in winter and Nordic conditions. The field test week will be held 15–19 January 2018 on the Aurora intelligent road in Muonio.

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9.3.2018 at 14.31

Study on the Arctic rail line completed: Kirkenes routing to be examined further

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has decided that a railway routing to the Arctic Ocean via Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kirkenes is the one that will be examined further. The benefits of the route are that it would improve Finland's logistical position, accessibility and security of supply. Of the two leading alternatives, the routing via Kirkenes was also less expensive.

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7.3.2018 at 12.52

Last year 12 groundings were prevented in Finnish coastal waters thanks to the rapid intervention by Vessel Traffic Services

The Finnish merchant shipping lanes are narrow, busy and full of shoals. Despite the many dangerous spots, serious accidents occur infrequently. This is thanks to the Finnish Transport Agency’s Vessel Traffic Services, which prevented 12 groundings last year.

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The transport system comprises transport infrastructure, passenger and freight traffic and traffic management systems. The needs of people as well as businesses have been taken into account in land use and transport system planning.