Test Ecosystem

The Aurora test ecosystem facilitates testing of intelligent transport and infrastructure solutions in all conditions including extreme weather. The test ecosystem is open to all interested parties conducting testing and trialling.

Tests and trials can be carried out on the Aurora Borealis corridor on E8. On the Finnish side this includes 10 km public road test section from Pahtonen to Muonio that is instrumented to support especially connected and automated driving trials in real traffic. Get familiarised with the physical equipment of the test section here.

In Finland automated vehicle trials can be carried out among other traffic as the current Finnish legislation already facilitates advanced automation on public roads. More information about automated vehicle trials on Finnish publis roads can be found here.

Interested to utilise the public test section and its services? Contact Reija Viinanen, Director of Aurora Collaboration (firstname.lastname@fta.fi).

Page updated 31.10.2017