Contributing and supporting societal change

We are closely involved with societal change, and we provide expertise and services in order to ensure a sustainable future. Our objective is to promote the well-being and growth of society.


Digitalisation, automation and analysis of data warehouses create new methods to improve the efficiency of operation and services. Open innovation and experiments support the development of new and more efficient operating methods and services.

The case example below presents the pilot project on the intelligent traffic of the future. The sustainability report contains more information on tasks related to contributing and supporting societal change.


A test area and competence centre for future intelligent traffic to be established in Fell Lapland

The major trends of digitalisation such as automation, electrification and mobility as a service will revolutionise the foundations of the transport sector in the near future. Possibilities enabled by intelligent traffic and digitalisation can be piloted through various experiments. One of the key experiments of intelligent transport is Aurora, a test area and competence centre for intelligent transport to be established in Fell Lapland.

The project, implemented in cooperation with various operators, offers the Finnish authorities the chance of advancing robotics and intelligent transport automation. The Aurora project offers an arctic test area for self-driving vehicles, enables sharing information related to traffic between road users and traffic control, promotes information gathered on road condition and performance, weather conditions and traffic, and develops traffic control processes and systems. The project enables the development of mobility services for tourists and local residents without the need for a vehicle of their own.


Page updated 26.04.2017