Safety is the starting point of all of the operations of the Finnish Transport Agency. The safety strategy of the Finnish Transport Agency determines the common vision and direction of the agency’s operations. Safety-oriented values and attitudes are visible in the everyday operation and management of the agency.


The Finnish Transport Agency invests in safety both in terms of the traffic system and their own personnel. Safety is an integral part of management, and the Finnish Transport Agency pays careful attention to occupational safety by organising training courses for both its own personnel at the agency and service providers. One of the cornerstones of the operations of the Finnish Transport Agency is traffic safety on roads, railways and waterways.

The case example below presents a vessel traffic service that is intended to promote the safety and fluency of maritime traffic. The sustainability report contains more information on tasks related to safety.


Safety of maritime traffic improved by exchange of information between a vessel and a ground station

The prevention of accidents is important both for environmental protection and improving the safety and fluency of maritime traffic. More than 40,000 vessels sail on the Gulf of Finland every year. Oil tankers account for more than 7,000 of them.

Our shallow and rocky waterways together with difficult ice conditions and high volumes of intersecting traffic make the marine area of Finland one of the most difficult and high-risk marine areas in the world to navigate. Up-to-date and reliable navigation and hydrographic data and predictive traffic control are vital in ensuring the safety of maritime traffic.

VTS, that is Vessel Traffic Service aims to improve maritime safety, promote the fluency and efficiency of vessel traffic, and prevent accidents and any resulting environmental damages. VTS operators monitor and control traffic in VTS areas around the clock and provide vessels with navigation assistance if necessary.

With the help of the ENSI service (Enhanced Navigation Support Information) that has been taken into test use, accurate route plans can be prepared for the use of maritime traffic control and information in electronic format is provided to vessels in order to help navigation. This will improve the safety of maritime traffic and reduce risks of oil accidents.

The service has been designed by the John Nurminen Foundation and the Finnish Transport Agency in cooperation with key actors in maritime traffic.

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