Customer orientation

We listen to our customers and develop the transport system and our operations according to their needs. Our objective is a reliable transport system that enables smooth and safe travel and transport chains.


One of the key tasks of the Finnish Transport Agency related to customer orientation and improving the reliability of the traffic network is the sharing of information. Real-time and easy-to-use information on mobility and traffic improves the predictability, planning and implementation of travel. To this end, the Finnish Transport Agency has started the systematic sharing of traffic information that they have collected so that it is available to everyone. The efficient and safe use of open data enables the creation of new traffic services and improves the fluency of travel and transport chains.

Below is a case example of sharing information. The sustainability report contains more information on tasks related to customer orientation.


Open data available to everyone

The objective of the Finnish Transport Agency is to offer the data they have collected to everyone to use openly and free of charge. By providing data openly, the aim is to improve the functionality of the traffic system.

In 2013, the Ministry of Finance started a programme on open data, and, according to the objectives of the programme, the opening of data storage has become part of the regular operation of the Finnish Transport Agency. Currently, open data and open interfaces are a central starting point for planning in all new data systems of the Finnish Transport Agency.

Open network data makes the planning, construction and use of road, railway and maritime networks easier. Open public transport data promotes the use of public transport, and open real-time traffic data makes people’s daily travel easier.

The operating methods and technologies related to open data are developing rapidly. In order to better keep up with this development, the Finnish Transport Agency has started to form developer organisations around their open data resources. Public feedback and ideas received through them will speed up the development of open data in the Finnish Transport Agency.

Page updated 26.04.2017