Escort vehicles bring many benefits to road construction sites

Escort vehicles bring many benefits to road construction sites

Published 26.9.2016

In summer 2016, escort vehicles were used on over twenty road construction sites. They were used on road pavement sites to improve occupational road safety and road traffic safety. The fact that the concept of escort vehicles was new to many road users caused some confusion. However, the interviewed road users did not mind being escorted through the road construction site.


"The main problem was that the new concept caused confusion among the road users. The drivers of the cars that were first in line did not understand that they were supposed to follow the escort car; instead, they remained waiting for the road block to be removed.  The fact that the instructions were given only in Finnish also caused problems for foreign drivers. However, with a little guidance we were always able to get the lines going", says Risto Lappalainen, Occupational Health and Safety Manager at the Finnish Transport Agency.

Even though it took longer for traffic to pass through the road construction sites with escort vehicles, severe traffic congestions could be avoided in most of the country. The only severe traffic congestion could be seen on Vihdintie (Public Road 120), as a result of road users trying to find alternative routes due to bridge repairs on the Ring Roads.

Despite the time loss caused when driving behind an escort car, road users appreciated not having to think about where they were or were not allowed to drive. The escort car made it easier to bypass the road construction site and maintain the reduced speed limit.

From the road workers' perspective escort cars improve occupational safety

"The benefit of a congruent line of cars is that traffic bypasses the work site at regular and predictable intervals. Timing the operations taking place near the road centreline or even in the other traffic lane is easier when you know that the escort car has passed and the traffic lane is empty and safe", says Lappalainen.

"The escort car also pilots the passing cars at a sufficient distance from asphalt work to enable uninterrupted work and allow sufficient time for the asphalt mixture to cure.

Escort cars have become more frequent at public road pavement sites, with the aim of improving occupational road safety and traffic safety. More information about the road construction sites using escort vehicles will be provided before next summer.

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