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14.3.2017 at 11.53

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In future, information will play an even greater role in mobility, although roads, railways or fairways form the traditional transport framework. Freedom of choice will increase in daily life.

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21.6.2017 at 12.39

Increased traffic volumes and fewer accidents on public roads

In 2016, the road traffic performance increased by about one per cent compared to 2015. Despite the increased traffic volumes on public roads, the number of personal injury accidents decreased by just over nine per cent. This information was recently published in Finnish Road Statistics 2016.

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6.4.2017 at 10.10

The Finnish Transport Agency has opened up road transport monitoring data

The Finnish Transport Agency has opened up over 1.8 terabytes of data collected in the automatic traffic monitoring system TMS. The Finnish Transport Agency offers open access to monitoring data collected in the TMS system since 1995.

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The Finnish Transport Agency produces statistics on road, rail and maritime transport.


Vessel Trafic Services

VTS guides are available on Finnish Transport Agency web page.


Transport system

The transport system comprises transport infrastructure, passenger and freight traffic and traffic management systems. The needs of people as well as businesses have been taken into account in land use and transport system planning.