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11.5.2016 at 09.00

Road users on the Ring Roads and the Helsinki-Turku Motorway: Participants wanted for trial aimed at improving traffic safety

In the trial, over 1,000 road users are to use a mobile application to receive and transmit information about potentially hazardous road traffic conditions, such as obstacles on the road, poor visibility or traffic accidents.

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20.5.2016 at 09.53

Budgetary funds allocated to artery projects

In its recent discussion on spending limits, the government allocated a substantial amount of funds to traffic artery projects. The most significant projects now in the implementation stage include Highway 5 Mikkeli–Juva, the Lahti southern ring road, Highway 4 Oulu–Kemi, and the railway line improvement from Luumäki to the Russian border.

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15.2.2016 at 08.50

Listening to customers in an effort to decrease debt related to the transport network‘s maintenance backlog

Measures that will reduce debt related to the transport network's maintenance backlog are being planned in accordance with strategic guidelines. The selection criteria for measures include customer needs, management of maintenance backlog, as well as digitisation and new services.

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Transport system

The transport system comprises transport infrastructure, passenger and freight traffic and traffic management systems. The needs of people as well as businesses have been taken into account in land use and transport system planning.