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16.11.2015 at 13.04

Mirja Noukka’s thoughts on transport infrastructure management

The Infrastructure Management Division plays a key role in ensuring the best possible quality of traffic flow on the Finnish roads, railways and waterways. The job is by no means easy, since a lot of foresight and skill is required to prioritise the scarce resources. To fulfil her important task, Mirja Noukka, Director General of the division, relies on the expertise of her subordinates, the ELY Centres as well as on effective cooperation with entrepreneurs, planners and researchers producing new information.

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25.9.2015 at 10.23

Director General Antti Vehviläinen: Digitalisation transforms transport infrastructure management

Director General Antti Vehviläinen at the Finnish Transport Agency envisions the revolutionary impact of digitalisation on the building and maintenance of transport infrastructure. When all the information concerning construction and repair of the transport infrastructure is based on shared real-time data, this will reduce costs, improve the quality and bring about new ways of organising work.

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2.11.2015 at 08.15

The new website of the Finnish Transport Agency was opened on 29 October

As a result of the reform, the website now offers information about the Agency's key services in a clearer and more visual manner than before.

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The Finnish Transport Agency produces statistics on road, rail and maritime transport.


Vessel Trafic Services

VTS guides are available on Finnish Transport Agency web page.


Transport system

The transport system comprises transport infrastructure, passenger and freight traffic and traffic management systems. The needs of people as well as businesses have been taken into account in land use and transport system planning.