A modern transport infrastructure promotes the growth and well-being of society by enabling sustainable and safe travel and transport both now and in the future. We use the funds granted to us responsibly and as effectively as possible. Our decision-making is transparent and based on expertise.

Responsibility takes concrete shape through actions.

The operation of the Finnish Transport Agency is visible in the everyday life of all Finns as we are responsible, for our part, for the traffic system in Finland. We enable efficient, safe and functioning journeys and transportations in Finland on roads, railways and waterways both now and in the future. Responsibility is achieved through concrete actions, and at the same time, it is part of everyone’s work at the Finnish Transport Agency.

For the first time, the sustainability themes, objectives and procedures of the Finnish Transport Agency have been collected into a single publication. The first sustainability report was published in April 2016. The sustainability report complies with the international GRI (G4) guidelines (Core level). Sustainability at the Finnish Transport Agency has been summed up in six themes, reflected throughout the agency’s strategy.

Sustainability themes

Sustainability themes at the Finnish Transport Agency:

  •     Customer orientation
  •     Contributing and supporting societal change
  •     Responsible procurement and financial administration
  •     Sustainable mobility, transport and transport infrastructure management
  •     Safety
  •     Personnel

The sustainability report of the Finnish Transport Agency is published in Finnish and in Swedish.